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Application Security

Our Application Testing service is a key part of the assurance lifecycle for digital systems and assets, to ensure they meet internal and external compliance requirements and limit exposure to cyber risks. With these reviews we can help you ensures that users are only able to perform actions they are intended to, and that your web and mobile applications implement sufficient measures to protect you and your users. 

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing assessments simulate the techniques and tradecraft leveraged by advanced threat actors, to deliver robust assurance that your assets are secured from cyber threats. This service is designed to help clients to both understand and reduce their risk exposure by delivering a comprehensive assessment of resilience to real-world cyber threats.

Adversary Emulation

Our Attack Emulation (also referred to as ‘Red Team’) engagements are designed to evaluate your organisation’s susceptibility to cyber-attacks. This type of exercise spans the entirety of an end-to-end attack from the perspective of an external threat actor. It holistically assesses all areas of the organisation, across people, processes and technology, to determine how these factors can be abused and exploited by a malicious actor to achieve a set of pre-set objectives.

Technical Research


Based both in the UK and Bulgaria — Secario Labs is a leading cybersecurity consultancy working in partnership with its clients to protect their business from cyber threats.

Every day, at Secario Labs, we see first-hand the impact of cyber-attacks on organisations. The combination of our experience, skillset and methodologies allows us to offer a range of offensive and defensive cybersecurity solutions to tackle challenges for clients with varying levels of maturity – from conventional penetration testing engagements to threat-intelligence-led mapping, modelling and adversary simulation exercises.

By knowing how threat actors operate and having a comprehensive understanding of business risk in the changing context of our clients, Secario Labs’s security experts can be trusted to provide the insight and support needed to successfully identify and mitigate information security risks.


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