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Secario Labs operates in both the UK and Bulgaria, working in partnership with clients to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that meet the highest industry standards. 

Every day, at Secario Labs, we see first-hand the impact of cyber-attacks on organisations. The combination of our experience, skillset and methodologies allows us to offer a range of offensive and defensive cybersecurity solutions to tackle challenges for clients with varying levels of maturity – from conventional penetration testing engagements to threat-intelligence-led mapping, modelling and adversary simulation exercises.

We know how threat actors operate, and we have a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with each vulnerability. We can outline the specific risks that your business faces with each issue we identify, and provide you with a bespoke risk matrix of our findings. Secario Labs’ security experts can be trusted to provide the insight and support needed to successfully identify and mitigate information security risks.

Focusing on offensive cybersecurity means we can push clients’ security to its limit and our experts believe the best way to secure modern organisations is to test them against real life challenges and attacks. Everyone deserves to be safe and secure when operating in a dynamic online world and the Secario Labs experts combine expertise and experience with new technologies to create bespoke cybersecurity solutions. 

  • Threat-intelligence-led mapping, testing and solutions.
  • Real-time visibility of security vulnerabilities.
  • Expert-led testing and solutions to identify and close security gaps.

Our Services

What We Offer

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Application Security

Ensure your applications are compliant and secure with our application testing. Limit your exposure to cybersecurity threats and provide protection for you and your users from attacks and vulnerabilities. Our application security reviews illuminate gaps and secure weaknesses to enhance the life cycle and operations of your digital systems. 

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Penetration Testing 

Providing you with essential resilience to real-world security threats, our penetration testing assesses the security health of your outside presence. Simulating the techniques and crafts used by the most advanced cyber criminals, penetration testing allows you to understand exactly where your gaps and vulnerabilities lie. Cyber threats are constantly evolving which is why regular penetration testing is the only way to keep your company safe online. 

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Adversary Emulation 

Adversary emulation puts your defences to the ultimate test. Executing carefully crafted attacks bespoke to your business set up to test your defences and identify weak points. This holistic approach targets every aspect of your organisation from people to processes and technology, determining where your vulnerabilities lie and identifying aspects that could be targeted by an attacker. By understanding your set-up and challenges, we create an attack plan that’s totally targeted to you. 

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Understand how your company will respond to trained and skilled offensive actors.

We understand real-world threat actors’ methodology, and our manual testing of your assets will help you develop and mature robust cybersecurity.