Spotting a Serious Threat on Amazon

February 5, 2023

In 2021, cybersecurity issues continue to dangle over the corporations. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, many organizations had to make the transition to remote work. As a result, cybersecurity attacks are at an all-time. The rapid increase in malicious actors tends to breach and exploit valuable data for the sake of financial gain. 

In a line of new attacks, an Israeli cybersecurity service, Check Point, managed to spot a threat on Amazon. The malware infection was triggered through eBook clicks. After clicking on specific eBook links, users lost complete control of their Amazon account and as well as Kindle tablet. 

Complete Access Control 

The Israeli cybersecurity experts state that the security breach allowed hackers to get access to users’ tablets and gain control of their Amazon accounts. But other specialists also suggest that stealing users’ e-reader Amazon accounts may have been a tipping point. 

The demonstration of the entire findings by Check Point took place at DEFCON. It is no secret that FBI agents and top-tier cybersecurity companies throughout the world attend the annual DEFCON convention in Las Vegas. It is, after all, one of the largest cybersecurity conventions in the world.   

The findings at DEFCON revealed that hackers managed to breach and exploit Kindle. This infringement took place when users were processing a specific eBook and decided to click on it. In fact, it took seconds for the hackers to get access to the users’ Kindle. 

Examining the Attack Surface 

One cyber researcher points out that Kindle is a misunderstood product like other IoT devices. Contrary to misguided perception, Kindle does, in fact, need a high security to prevent and mitigate future breaches. In the end, all interconnected devices that connect through the internet need to be secure by design. 

Like most broadminded firms, Amazon has realized and recognized the severity of the breach. In fact, Amazon worked with the Israeli cybersecurity company to mitigate the impact of the current breach and took measures to avoid the occurrence of a similar attack in the foreseeable future. 

Planned and Calculated

This cybersecurity threat proves that hackers don’t hold back whether it’s a small firm or a giant online marketplace like Amazon. In fact, the target is always planned and calculated. As the tech continues o reshape modern workplace environments and organizations, it has become imperative to curb the known and unknown cyber threats. 

In this case, Amazon had the resources and dedicated IT team in place to thwart the cybersecurity attack. But there is still a need for organizations to spend more on cybersecurity solutions and become more responsive.